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A better way to update a DeployStudio .nbi

Earlier this week, my employer bought our first 2017 iMac, and the first new Apple hardware we’d purchased in quite some time.  My normal workflow is to boot a new machine to DeployStudio, where I do just a few tasks, such as machine naming, installing munki, installing a default manifest, and telling it to look for software on first boot.

I did a presentation about this a few years ago.

Since I hadn’t updated my DeployStudio netboot image in a while, I wasn’t shocked when the brand new hardware couldn’t be booted from a 10.12.2 image- the hardware is newer than that OS release, AND Apple has been doing forked builds for 2017 gear- OS releases tweaked for that hardware, instead of 1 Image to Rule Them All.  The result of trying to netboot the iMac from the older image is the “circle-slash” logo that means “not gonna happen”.

Fortunately, this turned out to be the day that 10.12.6 dropped.  Hoping that this would be a unified build, I updated my mac mini DS/Autopkg/other duties as assigned server to 10.12.6, to using the boot volume to generate a new DS .nbi.  When starting to make the image, I received the DS warning that the boot OS and recovery partition OS don’t match, and that this could be a problem.  This is expected behavior, as OS updates don’t bump up the version of the OS on the recovery partition.  I decided to roll the dice, and try making the DS netboot image despite the error.

When trying to boot from this one, the iMac got as far as showing the apple logo, but never a progress bar.  The DS OS version mismatch warning was a valid heads up.

My next effort was to get the recovery partition of my mini updated to  10.12.6. After getting in a fight with Create Recovery Partition Installer and discussing my experiences with the #deploystudio channel in the macadmins Slack, user maurits shared a great idea:

@swy: you try to create a 10.12.6 DSR .nbi? My tip: create an image using AutoDMG from the fresh Install macOS 10.12.6 app, mount this image, and use that as source for creating the .nbi . On the image (and thus on the mounted volume) there is a fresh 10.12.6 Recovery HD partition. Using updates, the Recovery is usually not updated.


This was great advice I wanted others to see.  If you wish to create the latest DeployStudio Runtime netboot image, get the latest Install macOS.app and AutoDMG.  Build a disk image, mount that image, and when you make the DS .nbi, choose the mounted disk to generate the NetBoot image from.

This worked perfectly, and I was able to netboot the iMac, install the basics, and have munki do the rest of the configuration automatically.