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Relevant mostly to OS X admins

Mounting a Synology SMB share as a local account

Earlier this month, I moved my munki repository from my Mac Mini server to web services on a Synology rackstation.  My biggest reason is for redundancy: the Syno has networking, power and drive failure redundancies beyond what a Mac Mini can provide.  However, one service that a Synology cannot provide is autopkg, which requires a Mac- therefore, the mini still has a use.

In order for the autopkg output to be directed into the Synology munki server, I configured the MUNKI_REPO string to point to the SMB mounted path: /Volumes/Synologyserver/munki/path .  To authenticate to that path, I made a local account on the NAS that the Mini would authenticate with.  Unfortunately, when I first tried to mount the path via the Finder, I could not authenticate properly- all efforts were rejected as invalid attempts, despite my most carefully audited text entry.

Eventually I realized the issue: the Synology was only searching the directory structure of the AD domain it was bound to, and was not looking at local accounts to validate the SMB connection.  In order to make it look at the local account, I needed to authenticate to the SMB share in the following format:


With the login in that format, the .\ indicates “use local directory, not a directory service”, and :* indicates “bring up the SMB server login window”.


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