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Synology DSM 6, indexing and Advanced Permissions

A common question in my office has been “Why can’t we search the file server with Spotlight?”  Since our migration to a Synology for AFP/SMB services  I had no good solution to offer to this query, so I was very pleased to see this as a feature in DSM6- see “Mac Finder Integration” on their File Sharing & Management page.  To test this, I first upgraded our secondary Synology to DSM 6- it contains a nightly rsync clone of the production NAS for on-site DR needs (among other uses).  The upgrade was simple and uneventful.

After it rebooted, I found my way to the new “Indexing Service” Control Panel, which contains a “File Indexing” tab, where one can add the folder to index via the [Indexed Folder List]:Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.13.45 AM

To my surprise, when I tried to “create” a new indexed folder (their vocabulary that also includes “add existing folder”), my rsync clone of our main production share wasn’t on the list.  Many other folders were, but not the one most relevant to solving a problem for us.

Through a call to Synology support, it was determined that if a Shared Folder has “Advanced Share Permissions” enabled, if the current GUI user isn’t listed with read/write permissions on that folder, the ability to index that folder is not provided.  When those permissions were expanded to give the GUI login read/write, the ability to index became available.  The conclusion is that the index is made with the permissions of that GUI user, and is One Index to Rule Them All: meaning that depending on a user’s folder permissions, a Spotlight search on the server might offer up content that the authenticated user is not allowed to access.

As I publish this, the indexing service is still churning away, and not yet available for testing.  With multiple TB being indexed by 1Gig RAM and an Atom processor, my 1812+ might be working on this task for a good long while.  However, others have blogged that Spotlight searching on 7TB of data on a Synology happens in a few seconds, so my expectations have been set.