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Old NetExtender client is not supported yet (or, why VM’s are *usually* awesome)

I recently set out on a project to preconfigure the SonicWall Mobile Connect VPN client on the MacOS machines I manage.  As is now expected on MacOS, the proper route to accomplish this goal is with a Profile.  With some guidance via documentation shared by Eric Franklin, a Profile was generated via Profile Manager, and appropriate postinstall.sh for the munki installation was generated.  However, when I applied them to my testing VM and tried to authenticate, I got this very curious error message:

Pasted_Image_7_31_15__9_53_AMNoooo… I’m not asking you to do anything related to an “Old NetExtender”, this is the evolution from NetExtender into SonicWall Mobile Connect.  It seemed that the SWMC no longer needed an Admin to set things up, started a communications exchange with my SonicWall, but could never authenticate, only able to give the above alert.  After some fruitless Googling, a “what if?” hit me: “could this be behaving oddly because it’s a VM?”

Turns out, the answer is yes.  Installing SWMC from the Mac App Store and configuring it with a profile works exactly as would be hoped on real hardware, and gives a perplexing error when tested in a VM.  Virtual Machines are awesomely useful, until they give a goofy result that differs from the actual hardware you’d be deploying to.


2 responses to “Old NetExtender client is not supported yet (or, why VM’s are *usually* awesome)

  1. Donnie January 14, 2016 at 4:00 am

    did you ever found out a solution to fix this or did you just ignore and fixed it on a real mac?

  2. swy January 14, 2016 at 7:38 am

    The solution was to stop using a VM for my VPN configuration testing.

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