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I disabled downloading VMWare tools?


And I should contact myself about it?  My VMware Fusion 5 install was done using the VMware mass deployment pkg guidelines, and sometime after that, I discovered that I allegedly disabled myself from downloading VMware tools into a VM.  I know I did not decide “yes, Tools are bad, better keep those out of there”, and in studying the deployment options, I don’t see where one could enable that option.  My package was simple- only the serial number placed into the Deploy.ini file, no VMs distributed with it.  I also couldn’t google up a solution to this, and the inability to have Tools in my Mavericks VMs was becoming a problem, as this continued through an upgrade to Fusion 6.

With nothing to loose, I wondered if creating a new mass deployment pkg for Fusion 6 and installing it would overwrite the “tools disabled” flag, and it did.  I’m still unclear where that option is stored, and I would presume it’s relatively well obfuscated, for the benefit of environments that really do want Fusion unable to download Tools… for whatever problem that may solve.


Update, October 2014:  Mike Solin pointed out in IRC that in Fusion 7.0.1, if deploying with a deploy.ini, if one disables software updates in the .ini, it leads to this behavior.  I reviewed my older installer deploy.ini configuration, and the only non commented or section heading line is the [Volume License] and following license key, yet I still had the “softwareUpdates = deny” behavior.

Bottom line: if your deploy.ini says to deny softwareUpdates, expect installing VMWare Tools to fail in a VM.